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    Faster Recovery Time

    Recovering from the days activities is one of the principal reasons we sleep for almost a third of our lives. Distributing the necessary nutrients, minerals, oxygen, and blood throughout your body, including your skin and hair, relies on good circulation. The TEBO Bed supports your circulation passively and actively. Firstly, the Gel-tek Comfort Foam layer provides advanced support that ensures important pressure points are not compromised thus allowing better circulatory flow in a passive way. Secondly, to maximise the circulatory performance of your body TEBO have developed a unique Circulation Booster system within the mattress. This system offers 20 different treatments designed to assist outcomes that will relax muscles, dilate blood vessels and similar benefits that can improve circulation. The system can also assist with pain relief. In fact, the Circulation Booster mattress can be used anytime to boost recovery from exercise or resolve a nagging ache.